Free Stuff Giveaways:

If you have won a poker tournament during the current month - send an email to You'll get hooked up with a free PROP T-shirt. The Rich get Richer. Word. To receive a shirt please provide the tournament details, date, site, and your screen name, along with your name, age, size and address.

Free Stuff Terms and Conditions: Tournament must be from one of the following sites, with 100 or more people in the event and a buy-in in of $5 or greater: Absolute Poker, Full Tilt, Poker Stars, Bodog, Ultimate Bet, Party Poker. Shipping and handling costs will apply to all US ($5) and International Customers ($10). Only one (1) shirt, per person, per month.

Monthly Free Stuff Drawing - Every month, at the end of the month - all subscribers to the email list will be entered into a random drawing for free stuff. What can you win? Free Clothes, stickers, a buy-in to an online poker tourney, a happy meal, or whatever else we feel like giving away. We will never give your information out to anyone - so feel free to share with us and win something along the way!

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